behavioral targeting

Behavioral Targeting

Get the right data!

Behavioral targeting techniques can take you to a higher level of ad customization in order to reach more receptive audience and exclude people who aren’t really interested in your offers. In that way you can save both time and money when it comes to advertising.

By taking an insight into individual preferences of your visitors, their web browsing behavior and lifestyle, you can create tailor made messages appealing to their interests.

Therefore it is important to collect data on:

– pages users have visited
– time they have spent on a certain page and
– searches they have performed.

Once you create visitors’ profiles that are linked to their web browsers you can segment them. As soon as a visitor from a specific segment returns to the website or another website that is part of the same network by using the same browser, you as advertiser can use the visitor segment information in order to launch an ad that is relevant to that visitor.
By showing information that are relevant for specific visitors, they will be more likely to be interested in your products and maybe even share the ad with their friends, family members and others. This ultimately leads to a higher CTR.

Therefore get the right data to reach the right customer!