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Chatting confidently

with Joyn Info Services of Firstnet


Successor of SMS

Joyn (Rich Communication Services) is a technical standard for communication services based on IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) which facilitates the transmission of SMS, data, voice and video-telephony. The costs for Joyn are analogue to SMS, MMS and voice depending on the tariff structure of the telecommunication providers.

Confidential handling of sensitive customer data

With Joyn you can rely on our confidential handling of your sensitive customer information. Unlike most of the other messengers private contacts are read locally from the mobile phone and not backed up in a centralized storage. Image rights belong to the customer. Customer information, e.g. advertising sector, is not distributed to third parties.

Chatting with confidence

Joyn can be used via mobile network as well as via any WLAN-connections. In both cases encryption of user data and of message content from the mobile phone is performed to the messenger-server and from there to the message receiver. Consequently Joyn can even be used in insecure wireless networks.

Availability for all operating systems

Joyn is available free of charge for Android Smartphones beginning with version 2.3.3 as well as for Apple iPhones beginning with version 6.0. at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Joyn is preinstalled on many smartphones (e.g. Nokia Lumia Windows Phone) by the manufacturer respectively permanently installed via an automatic software update. Switches to the current Android App are possible at any time.