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Mobile Content

Besides classical products like SMS, MMS or voice other content can be charged via the mobile phone bill. Especially personalized content promises high acceptance of the customers. Firstnet realises functional requirements including context awareness, personalization, and the creation and usage of mobile content as well as non-functional requirements including usability, privacy, and performance. Furthermore Firstnet successfully designs and develops mobile services, in particular context processing, service-oriented architectures, virtualization, as well as testing and quality assurance. Firstnet provides a manifold portfolio of Mobile Content which generally can be categorized into Mobile Entertainment and Mobile Information Services.

Mobile Entertainment

Respective offers can be categorized into mobile audio services (e.g. ring tones), games, logos, videos (e.g. mobile TV), location based services as well as mobile gambling and auctions.

Mobile Information Services

Mobile Information Services contain editorial content which are distributed via Internet-capable mobiles. These contents can be used in various business segments: current news (politics, economy etc.); sport news (sport ticker); weather news; financial services, exchange reports (mobile banking); travel services such as time tables, train schedules or flight connections (mobile ticketing) as well as advertising services (mobile marketing).