mobile apps


Intensifying customer retention

with Mobile Apps of Firstnet


Increasing customer service

The right app for your company simplifies work processes and thus improves customer service. Depending on the company’s requirements, Firstnet develops company-specific business apps for all operating systems. All apps can be adapted to support the relevant requirements of smartphones on any desired operating system.

Mobile Marketing

Firstnet provides advice and develops the right solution for each customer. With creative campaigns you will activate new and existing customers. Inspire with new marketing ideas such as vouchers with QR codes or an innovative app. Act safely, flexibly and forward-looking with our portfolio.

Interactive customer contact

Whether games with your logo, an information portal with news according your products and company or a shopping-app: customers will interact with your products and services across multiple media. Firstnet as the competent consultant for mobile portfolio supports and counsels you from your first idea until optimization of a well revenue model.

Fields of Application

Apps offer a broad application spectrum. One application example is the telephone book app which provides several services such as a quick search function, a navigation system as well as a voice operation service. Another example is “Joyn”, a messaging service (for more information see “Solutions – Joyn”). Apps providing a transparent and comprehensive overview of costs are further use cases.