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Monetize digital goods

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Mobile Payment solutions

New payment methods like Mobile Payment simplify the payment procedure for customers. With our expertise and comprehensive range of services, Firstnet supports you in the implementation and optimisation of Mobile Payment solutions. Your customers will enjoy the advantages of latest payment methods. Among other products Firstnet provides m-Payment-solutions such as In-App Payment, SMS Billing as well as Online & Direct Billing.

Billing Platform

With our billing-platform mobile and internet-based services can easily, safely and quickly be billed. Two types of payroll scenarios are possible: SMS and Web Payment. Mobile Payment Solutions of Firstnet enable your customers to pay once (individual transaction) or repeatedly (abonnement) for digital content. The amount is deducted from the phone-bill or the prepaid cash card.

Innovative Products

Constantly we are working on the further development of new, interesting and innovative payment solutions. A successful solution needs to be safe and user-friendly. The contactless smart card technology NFC (Near Field Communication) is a key technology for Mobile Payment. Other methods also have the potential to complement or even replace traditional payment methods.

High-performance System

Firstnet offers the opportunity of target group mobile accessibility anywhere and anytime. For this purpose, Firstnet provides you with redundant and high performance systems, with which you can send and/or quickly receive SMS, MMS, WAP Push Messages and much more in real time.

Fields of Application

Mobile Payment is the perfect payment method for online communities, publishers and game providers. Use the mobile phone as the mobile marketing instrument for e.g. voting, lottery, survey of consumers and ticketing. Further fields of application are online-movie rentals (smart TV), donations and customer notification.

As an expert for mobile applications we interconnect latest technology with progressive ideas and develop innovative solutions for payment service provider, online-shops, catering and stationary sales. Both distributors and users benefit from our conveniently and securely payment procedure.