service numbers


Starting up conversations

with Service Numbers of Firstnet


Full range of numbers

Select your suitable Service Number! Firstnet offers you the right Service Number in any situation from the free-of-charge 0800-number up to the billing of charged service. With our Service Numbers you will create the best conditions to realize the service requirements in your company.

Intelligent Routing

Firstnet provides a multiplicity of routing options to perfectly integrate service numbers into your business processes. Calls can be distributed according to various criteria across our traffic network, the virtual ACD or our Audiotex platform. You will have the opportunity to either route your Service Numbers fully automated or via our user-friendly internet portal.

Flexible Rating

Whether minute-based rates, single charges or flats – Firstnet offers you the possibility of billing your services dynamic and flexible. Tariff switches within the call as well as special offerings for new or VIP customers are possible.

Fields of Application

The capabilities of Service Numbers are manifold. 0800-numbers are often used as an instrument for customer acquisition and loyalty, for example as an opportunity for spontaneous communication, sales and information hotline or as an emergency contact number. With Firstnet you will be obtainable for your callers and thus improve customer satisfaction.