sms & messaging


Strengthening personal communication

with SMS & Messaging of Firstnet


Personal contact channel

The mobile phone is the most personal medium through which you can communicate with the customer, with SMS, MMS or QR-Codes. Activate your customer with innovative concepts. We will be your creative consultant and technical service provider in this process – according to the needs of the individual situation.

Global Messaging

Send out your SMS, MMS or WAP-Push news globally via our mobile platform. Due to our scalable system there is no challenge in sending small or large quantities of messages. In addition you can select any addressor, whether the name of the company or another telephone number. It is ensured that your messages arrive properly as every SMS is confirmed by the network providers.

Direct network connections

Our service feature is our direct connection to network operators. So your messaging business will not run across grey routes but directly across the network of the network operators. This guarantees a high availability.