predictive trageting

Predictive Targeting

Organize your business now!

Even though hundreds of users visit your website every day, you can still expand your views by capturing various users’ behaviors on how, when and where they shop. You can collect all sort of data-backed intelligence related to users behavior either through general web surfing or filling in of various registration forms.

In that way you can collect data in terms of:

• visits to your website (frequency and duration)
• site navigation, clicks and specific page views
• on-site searches
• purchased items
• entry of user’s data into online forms
• devices used
• type of browser
• geo-location and
• total amount purchased.

This is called predictive targeting, which uses data helping you to deeper understand your audience over time and predict their needs.

Predictive targeting as a marketing tool can help you organize you business in a way to gain more potential customers. It can help you to find solutions to challenges that marketers face today and that is to win over specific customers before your competitors do by defining who will be your next customers, how you will convert them and how to find them at all.

If you use all these analytical data you can create targeted and – if necessary – personalized content assets, move consumers through your funnel at a faster pacemake and gain high conversion rates.

Deliver the right content to the right customer!