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It has been proved that only about 2% of first time visitors of a website are subject to an online conversion. But what about those 98%? In order for marketers and sellers to win them back, convert them to buyers and turn them into loyal customers, they should use retargeting techniques.

Retargeting is a technology based on cookies that uses simple Javascript code to anonymously ‘follow’ consumers online that have demonstrated interest in specific websites and brands.

It functions in a very simple way:

– a small piece of code (pixel) is placed on a website
– the code (pixel) cannot be noticed by the site visitors and does not affect site’s performance
– every time a new visitor comes to the site, the code (pixel) drops an anonymous browser cookie
– next time the ‘cookied’ visitors browse online, they will be served with ads of the website they have previously visited.

In other words, retargeting is a method which you can use in order to remind consumers of your brand that they already demonstrated interest in. So if you want high return on your investment, use our retargeting technology and platform, gain a repeated exposure of your brand and segment your target audience. Remind them of your business and turn them into your leads and long-term loyal customers.
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