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Video AdServer

Manage your own video campaigns!

If you are an advertiser who buys massive amounts of online display ad inventory, you should make sure that you have a proper ad server in order to have the best possible control over your campaign operations. The best would be to have your own ad server that manages campaigns across different publishers, of which each one gets his own unique ad tag script, generated by your ad server. The tag is than inserted into the ad server which is associated with specific website. This tag can track delivery and performance across all channels. There are two types of tags: VAST and VPAID.

Why you should have your own ad server? In order to ensure more accountability, centralized control and management, better insight in your campaign process and data ownership, which can help boost your business.
Video campaigns are one of if not the most engaging ad formats, ensuring for lots of effectives and business success. If you are one of those advertisers that are launching a great number of video ads, get a video ad server now.
A video ad server is a web server that stores video ads and ensures that a video ad is shown every time someone opens up a webpage. There are two types of ad servers – publisher ad servers (that serve ads via the website’s own servers) and third-party ad servers (provided by a specialist ‘third party’ provider).

By having your very own video ad server you can have independent statistics that will help you audit the results reported by the publisher or a third party. Also, in terms of creativity, you can have more control over the format of your video ad and the ability to optimize delivery of your video ads by testing different ads and deciding which should be released. Furthermore, it provides you transparent insight into the performance of your video campaigns, which would otherwise differ from publisher to publisher. Using your own video ad server, you can look at all sorts of statistical data such as placement, geo, creativity and time. This could help you immensely to see what is and what isn’t working.
Another important reason to have your own video ad server is that it helps you to centralize management of your campaigns across all the publishers that you work with and not less important you store all your campaign statistics in a single database, own them and control them.

Get your video ad server now and manage on your own your video campaigns.