Video Advertising

Video Advertising

Reach you audience with VideoAds!

Users nowadays use various different platforms and media. In order to maintain access to your target audience, Video-Advertising should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. However, the correct placement of your video clips is more difficult than it initially seems. Various forms, resolutions, standards, players and the right success measurement contribute to the complexity. A distinction is basically made between an In-Banner and In-Stream Video-Advertising: so-called In-Stream VideoAds are clips that run as pre-, mid- or post-roll. Also before, between or after a video content. For example, before the broadcasting on platforms such as e.g. Zattoo, before a video on a news page or a video content on youtube or other well-known portals. In-Stream Video-Advertising offers some advantages.

For example:

– Users are already in a video environment and want to consume a moving picture content.
– The user’s attention is directed completely at the commercial.
– The sound is already activated – in that way you achieve a full acoustic effect.

However, In-Banner Video Ads refer to advertising material in the standard or special forms (Leaderboard, Rectangle, Expandables, etc.) with video content. Disadvantage: The sound is normally muted and must be activated by the user. But In-Banner Video Advertising also offers some advantages:

– A very large range due to the different environments.
– Draws attention to online advertising banners.
– Ideal element for exciting banner concepts.

Video Advertising can be complicated – but it does not have to be. We will help you with the right selection of formats, screens (mobile, tablet, etc.) and the corresponding “mediabuying” method.