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Optimising customer dialogue

with IVR services of Firstnet

Intelligent Call / Request Processing
Use one of Germany’s most efficient and biggest IVR platforms to improve your customer dialogs. Our IVR is controllable via phonepad or speech recognition. Any demands will be met by our experienced developer teams. You will have our support right from the start throughout any of your requirements. You can also benefit of Dialers, Info-SMS and many more.

Fraud Prevention
The performances of our fraud prevention solution are detecting and stopping probing activities in the IVR, providing increased authentication for high risk automated transactions, reducing fraud losses and preventing account takeover as well as adapting and responding to changes in fraud patterns.

ARPU Tracking
Our ARPU tracking solution allows you to track the Average Revenue per User (ARPU).

Every Service in One Number
Through the use of a voice portal you will be able to reduce expenses and offer a more comfortable service. Quick and simple navigation through the voice menu is offered to your customers, regardless whether it is by personal call or Self Service. Service Sectors are priced modularly.

Costs can be reduced for customers and providers by using automated input or announcement services. A combination of Self Service Modules and call centre services is also possible.

Routing of Customers
Personalized calling lists improve the respective call centre. Benefit of VIP-Routing for specific customers or forwarding of non-paying customers to debt collection companies.


Customizing services

with Mobile Content of Firstnet

Mobile Content
Besides classical products like SMS, MMS or voice other content can be charged via the mobile phone bill. Especially personalized content promises high acceptance of the customers. Firstnet realises functional requirements including context awareness, personalization, and the creation and usage of mobile content as well as non-functional requirements including usability, privacy, and performance. Furthermore Firstnet successfully designs and develops mobile services, in particular context processing, service-oriented architectures, virtualization, as well as testing and quality assurance. Firstnet provides a manifold portfolio of Mobile Content which generally can be categorized into Mobile Entertainment and Mobile Information Services.

Mobile Entertainment
Respective offers can be categorized into mobile audio services (e.g. ring tones), games, logos, videos (e.g. mobile TV), location based services as well as mobile gambling and auctions.

Mobile Information Services
Mobile Information Services contain editorial content which are distributed via Internet-capable mobiles. These contents can be used in various business segments: current news (politics, economy etc.); sport news (sport ticker); weather news; financial services, exchange reports (mobile banking); travel services such as time tables, train schedules or flight connections (mobile ticketing) as well as advertising services (mobile marketing).


Mastering challenges

with with compelling solutions of Firstnet

Difficult challenges require creative and innovative solutions
Are you facing any difficult challenges and you do not know how to overcome them? Challenges arise in daily business often in the form of problems.

Fortunately neither of these problems is unsolvable. Firstnet will help you sorting out these problems. We do not regard challenges as a cause for concern. In fact these issues have to be analysed and actively approached. For the handling of this situation the most suitable strategy has to be developed and consistently applied.

In an initial consultation we get a general idea about the current situation as well as your wishes and ideas. The analysis of problems focuses on your individual situation, exigency and your targets. The next step here will be to plan realistic objectives for the future. A detailed plan for necessary actions through which your goals can be achieved and maintained will be developed.

Concept development, action planning, implementation, evaluation and quality assurance orientate themselves towards your individual situation, wishes and expectations as well as to the current standards of the market. Benefit from our long-term experience and our constructive and progressive professionalism. Our way of working is characterised by transparency, creativity and innovation.

For more information according our consulting services please contact us.

About us

Creating added value

Sector Telecommunications
Firstnet consults national and international telecommunications companies of every size and supports with design and implementation of new products and services as well as the integration and changes involved in effecting new systems and processes for greater efficiency. We provide concepts and solutions for the optimization of customer loyalty, profits as well as the marketing of content. As your flexible and dynamic partner we facilitate the implementation of ideas and the execution of all necessary processes.

Premium Services since 2003
Since 2003 telecommunication experts from Firstnet provide concepts, solutions and applications related to service numbers, speech automation and mobile services. Our comprehensive network in this industry sector and our long-term experience enables us to give decisive impulses for new, forward-looking technologies and solutions to shape the market for value added services. Being familiar with the market and the challenges of mobile operators allows us to offer you fresh ideas and professional solutions. Furthermore we are particularly aware of all regulations of the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA).

Competent Specialists
Our team assists you with ideas, expertise and a comprehensive approach. The personalized and individual support and consultation are in the focus of our effort. Experienced developer and a competent team of project, product and business manager enable an optimal and fast implementation according to your requirements.

Communication and transaction solutions from a single source
Firstnet represents the complete value-added chain network-based communication and transaction solutions. We support our customers with successful implementations of their business models from the infrastructure through to customer billing as well as from the conception through to realisation.

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